10 Things All Women Complain That No Man Understands

Women only understand each other when they are complaining, men just don’t understand women. Here are 10 things all women complain about that no man understands.


Women often have a lot of insecurities, they should just stay confident and everything will be just fine.


When you are being underestimated in some fields only because of your gender, women hate not being treated equally.


Women hate the fact that they have to constantly have a smile on their face, even when they hate life at the moment.


Shaving is the most annoying thing ever, women love to have smooth legs, but hate the process of getting smooth legs.


When a woman is sexually active and their period is a couple days late, they worry a lot. No one wants an accidental pregnancy.


Women’s breasts can get very annoying throughout your day. Women like to have big boobs, but hate the bras, and the back problems.


When women go to baby and bridal showers, they are hurt inside because they are still single and it’s a reality check for them.


Putting a bra on a cold winter morning is the worst thing about being a girl, you don’t understand how painful it is.’


Women’s clothing sizes are something out of this world, it is so hard to find an outfit that you like and that fits.


No man will ever understand the pain a girl goes through during her period. Period cramps are more painful than you think.



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