15 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

Ever since the advent of the digital camera, it has become extremely common to catch some extreme embarrassing moments on camera. There’s a fine line between pictography and videography. With videos, every single bit of nonsense we do is being recorded under the lens for the entire world to laugh at. Oh and if you’re a sportsperson wearing loose attire, you could get caught up in compromising situations. Here are some of the most embarrassing moments on camera.

Groped in public

This dude thought he could have his way with this attractive lady in broad eye view of the public. Not only did the girl show extreme revulsion at the drunken guy’s move, she visibly showed her disgust at him. We’re sure the next frame involves a five across his eyes.
The job of a cheerleader

You’ll see many cheerleaders on this list. The main reason comes down to their thigh high dresses, and because part of their daily routine revolves jumping around and making up interesting formations, you can sometimes catch glimpses of their undies.

You got a brown stain there

So what exactly happened with this runner? It looks as if someone took a big dump on him, staining his short shorts. Except the trail of the brown stuff isn’t concentrated at one specific area, making us speculate this is someone’s puke. Either way his revulsion shows the brown stain isn’t just food spillovers.
Posing for the camera

When you’re wearing raunchy clothes and posing for the camera for a possibly lewd photoshoot, please ensure that you’re not standing behind a completely transparent glass wall. This model’s picture got photobombed by a dozen or so admirers lusting after her from afar.

Eyes up here

This interviewer is so mesmerized by Katy Perry and her… well endowed beauty that he’s having a hard time focusing on the interview itself and is caught up on her ample chest. It doesn’t help that she’s wearing a deep neck tops.
Keep your urges in check
< Mr. Oldie here forgot that he's under the full eyeview of a dozen or so many cameras and just couldn't help himself but cup his hands around Salma Hayek. Of course, Salma tries to play it off while trying to keep herself from slapping him across the cheek. Karate kid
This young girl gives us one of those karate poses in which you extend your leg all the way up. Well, a dog nearby does something extremely similar – but it also mixes in a bit of pee in the picture as well.
Grab em by the….

It seems this elephant was listening to Donald Trump’s leaked tapes in which he commented about grabbing women by the genitals. And since elephants have powerful memories, this cute animal decided to act on Donald’s advice and grabs the girl by the… well you can find for yourself.

Can’t sit still

These two women (likely drunk) posed for the camera while sitting on very thin rails. And in their drunk stupor one of the women almost fell down to a ghastly injury. But it seems her partner has things under control… or does she?
A bit of leak here, a bit of leak there

This little kid planned everything perfectly. He took into account the number of observers, the walking pattern of his alleged victim and any items which he could easily grab without getting caught. Only thing he didn’t consider was someone holding a camera and snapping a picture.

Once a signer gets in their groove, they become one with the crowd. And in their attempts to vocalize the perfect song, they begin to forget their own essence. As such, they lose control over their bodily functions and spring a leak.
Keep your eye on the ball

But not literally. This poor baseball player gets smacked right across the face by a heavy ball. Those balls are no joke by the way, they’re heavy and can deal significant damage to a human. So we hope he came out in one piece.

This dude seems to be playing a little game of lost and found with his female partner here. We don’t know if they’re a couple but the girl is trying to keep cool. Or maybe she didn’t have enough time to react to his unspeakable pervertedness.

Says the cup of drink which will now come crashing to the ground, spilling all it content both on the girl and the floor. She got caught up whatever is getting the crowd charged up and let go of her glass.

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