9 Foods your vagina will thank you for eating

A lot of the time we focus too much on looking after our skin, toning our tummies and making sure our hair is looking lush. But we mustn’t forget to tend to another very important area of our bodies – our lady parts.

A lot of us already know that there are lots of foods that’ll help make your time of the month more bearable. But what about for the rest of the year? What can you be eating to make sure you’re looking after yourself down there as best as you can? Well, have a look at these 9 things and see.

1. Soy – To prevent vaginal dryness

If your estrogen levels are low (due to menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding or even some cold or allergy medications), chances are you’ll experience the discomfort that comes with vaginal dryness. Eating soy foods like edamame or tofu will not only help attract more water to your tissue, but they also contain an estrogen mimicking plant-compound called isoflavin.

edamame food woman healthy foods for vagina health vaginal

2. Cranberries – To prevent UTIs

You can fend off the chance of getting a urinary tract infection by eating cranberries (in fresh, pill, or sugar-free juice form) because of the fructose and A-type proanthocyanidins that prevent bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.

3. Spinach – For better orgasms

This little leafy green is extremely high in magnesium, which helps increase blood flow, driving blood to the extremities and thus heightening your stimulus spots to make sex feel even better. You’ll feel more aroused and find it easier to have orgasms, just as men who eat more spinach should find it easier to get hard. But hey! I’m just the messenger.

spinach salad pomegranate food woman healthy foods for vagina health vaginal

4. Greek yoghurt – To balance out your pH levels

Our lady bits have a naturally acidic pH, and so eating something rich with probiotics (like natural greek yoghurt) helps balance everything out to keep things in order down there.’

New look, same yogurt. Always Chobani.

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5.Oysters – Not just because they’re an aphrodisiac

Yes, the zinc in oysters will increase your sex drive, but it’s also known to help with vaginal dryness, to fight infections and also to help regulate your menstrual cycle.

oyster oysters foods for vagina health vaginal

6. Fatty fish – To ease your cramps

The anti-inflammatory compounds of omega-3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon and tuna are proven to help make you feel better when you’re experiencing PMS, and it might even help with breast tenderness, bloating and mood swings to boot!

sushi salmon tuna food woman healthy foods for vagina health vaginal

7. Apples – To up the ante in bed

Apples contain a compound that mimics the female sex hormone estradiol – helping to increase your sexual appetite as well as your lubrication levels. How does apple pie after dinner sound?

apple food woman healthy foods for vagina health vaginal

8. Fermented veggies – For fewer yeast infections

Go buy yourself some jars of sauerkraut (the German fermented cabbage) or kimchi (Korean cabbage fermented with garlic and chilli) because they’ll help regulate a healthy balance of bacteria down there and keep pH at the right level to stop yeast growing into an infection. Plus, it helps fend off bad bacteria.

9. Sweet potato – For a strong vaginal wall

Because sweet potatoes are so high in vitamin A, they help strengthen muscle tissues leading to the development of healthy walls. Hooray!

Well, it looks like it’s time to rewrite this week’s grocery list and get a few more of those things on there. And as well as eating well, remember to use fragrance-free soaps, wear cotton undies, do your kegel exercises and sleep commando. Seriously! You’ll thank me later.

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