Transgender Dolls Have Hit The Children’s Toy Market

Transgender Dolls Have Hit The Childrens Toy Market Transgender Doll A

Playing with dolls is said to have a significant impact on how children perceive the appearances and identities of others.

After all, much has been discussed about the impact playing with impossibly slim and glamorous Barbie dolls has on the self esteem of little girls.

Could playing with transgender dolls help kids to be more accepting as they prepare to enter the modern world?

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Awareness of transgender issues could be said to have improved in recent years, with outspoken transgender people such as Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Cox holding mainstream platforms in popular culture.

Today’s children are growing up in a much more open and understanding society than in previous decades and have the potential to grow into empathetic adults capable of building a fairer and happier world.

The toys they play with should arguably reflect this, however a toy with transgender connotations can still cause controversy, even in this contemporary age.

A doll in Argentina has divided parents after a surprised mother shared images of it on social media.

With shining auburn hair and a glittering fairy costume, the doll looks much like any other you might find in your local Toys ‘R’ Us.

That is until you lift up the colourful skirt and discover this female doll actually has male genitalia where you would usually expect to see plastic smoothness.

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It remains unclear whether or not this design was a deliberate, subversive act by the manufacturer.

However, this doll has still ignited debate within Argentina and beyond about the power of toys to influence kids on more serious issues.

For many children struggling with their gender identity, this toy could be an age appropriate learning tool for finding out about transgender issues?

You can check out this doll with a difference below: